3d modeling, designрован, construction of furniture on the computer. Drawings of furniture for real production.

Sofa drawings. An exemplary embodiment of the sofa project.

The design of the sofa or chair frame is designed taking into account where and how soft glued element and how it will happen upholstery.

I will show graphically on a small fragment of a real project in any kind of furniture project will be presented.

Task: to design a sofa as in the picture with certain dimensions:



This three-dimensional skeleton model, made in the scale 1: 1, which allows to remove from it all the drawings of parts making an assembly drawing of the product specification and for all items indicating material, dimensions and other parameters when necessary.


Model couch in an exploded form:



Assembly drawing of the armrest:



Specifications for details specifying the material, the number and size. Specifications of furniture design can be made in English and Russian.

Dimensions of rectangular parts can be taken directly from the specification:


Curly details obrazmerenom presented in the form of:



Curved parts are shown in vector form on a scale of 1: 1 for cutting or printing patterns on the CNC machine:



As part of your job on the design of furniture, I set myself the goal of real manufacturing project in my furniture. So I realize unlimited free consultations to the completion of manufacturing the designed furniture.

For I will give the thickness of the foam rubber, which I had in mind for each of the component, and consult how to do “sandwich” to impart certain properties. Also, I give the dimensions of the flat parts. Non-planar parts are measured on the product strip of foam of the same thickness.

Fabric I can only give an approximate (principal) cutting. Should be removed from the cutting of the actual product. At present, none of the computer program does not make it right in reality. For example, I can make a 3d model of a sofa or chair, exactly reproducing the physical model and make a sweep on a plane surface corresponding to the details of cutting the actual product, but the behavior of tissue in upholstery, laying the pleats force tension in different places, and other nuances clear any Furniturer impossible to calculate. There are programs that declare designing cutting for upholstery, but the practice has shown that this is, to put it mildly, the optimism on their part, based on the lack of professionalism in the actual production of furniture. As soon as the computer tools allow design upholstery for sofas and armchairs relatively complex shape, I first take this technology on board.

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