3d modeling, design, design, furniture on the computer. Drawings of furniture for real production

In what form the project of furniture with drawings will be presented.

The design of the frame of the sofa or chair is designed taking into account where and how the soft element is glued and how the upholstery of furniture will take place.

I will show visually, on a small fragment of the real project in what form the project of furniture with drawingsis presented.

Task: To design a sofa as in a picture with certain sizes:

[: RU] The task of designing the couch [: he] המשימה עבור העיצוב של הספה [:]

This is a 3d model of the sofa frame, made on the scale of 1:1, which allows you to remove from it drawings of all parts, to make assembly drawing of the product and specification on all details with indication of material, sizes and other parameters if necessary.

3d model of the sofa frame

3d model of the sofa in the exploded form:

Assembly 3d drawing of the armrest of the sofa:

Furniture Specifications and drawings

Specifications for parts with material, quantity and dimensions. Specifications for the design of furniture can be made in English and Russian.

In case of presence in the project of a sofa bent Details of complex configuration type of this:

The sweep and projection of this part on a plane of scale 1:1 is made for creation of a piece or for CNC machine tool.

As part of your task of designing furniture, I set myself the goal of real furniture manufacturing on my project. Therefore, I perform unlimited free consultations until the complete completion of the design of the furniture.

By foam, I will give the thickness that I have conceived for each constructive element and advise what to do “sandwich” for the giving of certain properties. I will also give the dimensions of flat parts. Non-flat parts are measuring on the product of strip foam of the same thickness.

On a fabric I can give only approximate (principal) cutting. You need to remove the cutting from the real product. Today, no computer program does it right in reality. For example, I can make a 3d model of a sofa or chair, exactly reproducing the physical model and make a flat pattern on the plane of surfaces corresponding to details of a cut of the real product, but behaviour of a fabric at upholstery of furniture, laying Folds, force of tension in different places and other nuances understandable to any furniture maker it is impossible to calculate. There are programs that declare the design of cutting for upholstery upholstered furniture, but the practice has shown that this, to put it mildly, optimism on their part, based on unprofessional in the real production of furniture. As soon as the computer tools allow you to design upholstery for sofas and armchairs in a relatively complex form, I will first take this technology to arms.