3d modeling, design, design, furniture on the computer. Drawings of furniture for real production

Frames of upholstered furniture for CNC machine

Good or bad, I don’t presume to argue. The development of technologies pushes to new rounds of competition, and this, in turn, provokes the development of technologies. Vicious circle. Those who do not want to move in this circle are left on the sidelines and are bypassed by the benefits of civilization. This is the harsh truth of life today. This is the game we all play. In short, gentlemen furniture makers, we are moving to a new level. Those who did not have time were late.

Advantages of using CNC machines in the production of upholstered furniture frames:

  • Saving materials.
  • A significant reduction in the dependence of product quality on the human factor.
  • High production speed with consistently high quality and accuracy of frame assembly.
  • There is no need to store and organize thousands of patterns. All patterns are placed on a small flash drive.
  • And it is equally important that the assembly of such a frame is a real pleasure.

When designing the frame of upholstered furniture, it was taken into account where and what kind of foam rubber will be glued, how and in what sequence the furniture will be upholstered, how parts will be attached, etc. Nuances.

In addition, in the direction of the forces acting on the frame during the operation of the furniture, the elements located in the direction of the action of these forces are reinforced. Computer simulation allows you to ensure the perfect fit of the frame parts. The tongue-and-groove connections guarantee the strength, precision and build quality of the frame under all conditions.

Bed round

Project price $ 250

Sofa jozephina

The project is not for sale

Chair 4

Project price $ 150

Series of sofas Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis

Project price $ 300

Sofa quadro

The project is not for sale

Chair ball

Project price $ 150

Sofa 22

Project price $ 150

Chair 22

Project price $ 150

Sofa capitone

The project is not for sale

Chair round

Project price $ 150

Sofa round

Project price $ 150

Sofa bent armrest

The project is not for sale

Chair 17

The project is not for sale

Chair 18

The project is not for sale

Chair 66

The project is not for sale

The project includes: assembly drawing, drawings of all frame parts in dxf format for cutting on a CNC machine, layout of parts on a sheet in dxf format, visualization. On foam rubber and fabric, if necessary, I will advise.

For the sale of dxf drawings of these projects, write to me on WhatsApp +972 532702588

I also make projects to order.

You need pictures or freehand sketches of what needs to be done, I will tell you the time and price.

The cost of custom design is 250 – 1000 $, depending on the complexity of the project.

Working in the old fashioned way, we do not just trample on the spot, but recline ourselves back in a competitive competition. Whether we want or not, the cult of consumption, which underlies our modern civilization, dictates its rules for a comfortable existence in this world. And the swimmer who is rattling against the tide will exhale sooner or later and go to the bottom. There are two more options. It is possible to relax and let carries where carries, and it is possible to rake in the necessary direction not resisting the general stream. The first variant of course heroic and beautiful, but looks like masochism, bordering on suicide. The second is too conformist, turning into a free-form rag. I prefer the third option, provided a reasonable definition of the purpose and direction. It allows not to go through its own moral and ethical principles not only not to fall overboard the historical development, but also without much effort to overtake the floating nearby. My friends, do not let yourself drown in the muddy waves of ignorance and conservatism, vygrebite on clean water innovations and progress. I throw you a paddle, catch.

You can download the archive with the chair project files for free to try.