3d modeling, design, design, furniture on the computer. Drawings of furniture for real production

Designing parametric furniture.

Parametric design of furniture and interior items

Здесь можно бесплатно скачать чертежи мебели, предметов интерьера и малых архитектурных форм, выполненных в параметрическом стиле.
Также можно заказать проект параметрического изделия по вашему эскизу, картинке.

Design of upholstered, cabinet and parametric furniture to order.

To turn on fantasy: almost any 3D model can be made in a parametric style.

A guide for designers, architects, furniture manufacturers and those who just want to start producing items in a parametric style.

Three main stages of creating a product in a parametric style: first briefly.

  1. Creating drawings of all parts of the product for cutting on a CNC machine.
  2. Cutting on a CNC machine.
  3. Assembly of the finished product.

Let us consider in more detail each of the stages.

Design and creation of drawings of a parametric product.

  1. A three-dimensional product model is being designed in accordance with the wishes of the customer.
  2. A cutting algorithm is created depending on the thickness of the panels and the distance between them
  3. Technological holes and other elements for assembling the product are formed, an assembly instruction is created.
  4. Drawings of parts in .dxf format for the CNC machine are made

Cutting on a CNC machine.

  1. Drawings are given to the CNC machine

Assembly of the finished product.

  1. Depending on the general concept of the product, the panels can be painted, varnished, coated with anti-dust solutions, or left as is.
  2. The product is very easy to assemble according to the assembly instructions .

Explain to me what you want with hand,words, drawings, pictures, photos, and I’ll create for you a design of the necessary product in the parametric style of any shape, size, configuration.
It will be a set of drawings for cutting on the CNC machine with explanations for assembly and visualization pictures from different angles.

The price of a parametric product project depends on the complexity and volume. You will be able to find out the price of the project by contacting me and describing the essence of the work.

Parametric design is a new style in architecture and interior design. This technology makes it possible to embody the most incredible ideas of architect, designer, artist.
This new style has generated a powerful explosion of designer thought around the world. The range of application of parametric design is incredibly multifaceted and covers almost all areas of life and life. It is a comprehensive design of public and residential spaces, furniture for houses and streets, restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, theaters, etc. Walls, furniture, ceilings, turning one into another, fantastic smooth, sharp, undulating, unique or cyclical forms. All this surprises and fascinates at first sight. Literally, 3D models broke out of the closed virtual space of monitors into reality. You have the opportunity to become one of the first in this field, which always gives unique advantages.

The archive includes pictures and drawings of the parametric sofa. DXF drawings. All the details are numbered. The assembly is done from the middle with the first detail … 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4….. Between the panels is a washer of plywood 17 mm. 40 mm in diameter. The diameter of the holes is 13 mm.

The archive includes pictures and drawings of the parametric chair. DXF drawings. All the details are numbered. The assembly is done from the middle with the first detail … 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4….. The panels are assembled into the product without gaps bracket 30 mm. and glue. Metal rods act solely as guides and can be removed during the assembly process. The diameter of the rods is 10 mm. The diameter of the holes is 11 mm.

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