3d modeling, designрован, construction of furniture on the computer. Drawings of furniture for real production.

3d modeling, designing, constructing furniture

Design and modeling of upholstered furniture on the computer.

Design upholstered furniture require different qualifications. For the design of furniture is sufficient knowledge of one of the two programs, such as Basis-furniture or bCAD.

These programs allow you to create three-dimensional model of almost any complexity of furniture and get all the necessary for the production of drawings based on placement and the number of edges, fasteners, components, materials.

Designing of upholstered furniture more complicated process and I would divide it into four main parts:

  1. Model furniture is constructed in the head

  2. Design frame and foam.

  3. Designing patterns for fabrics.

  4. Visualize or picture for which you can sell furniture on the Internet (available in different tissues)

The first point is the most important, as in step 2, we must take into account paragraph 3, ie, taken into account when designing the frame where, how, and in what sequence will upholster, as the parts will be fixed, and others. nuances.

In principle, the frame and foam design is performed in any programs for the three-dimensional drawing (Solidworks, Autocad, Inventor, Compass). But in my opinion, easier to use specialized software for the design of furniture or the type of Basis Furniturer bCad. These programs, if correctly configured to automatically issue a constructed model drawings, specifications, consumption of materials and components, patterns of curved parts. At the output we get something like this.

Sofa frame design

Three-dimensional model of the sofa frameТрехмерная модель каркаса диванаThree-dimensional model of the sofa frame3d model of the frame corner section of the sofa3d model of the frame corner section of the sofaThe circuit assembly of the corner section of the sofaDrawings of parts of the sofaDrawings of parts of the sofaDrawings of parts of the sofaDrawings of parts of the sofa

Design patterns for furniture fabric sofa

For the design of fabric patterns, you first need to make a three-dimensional model that mimic the shape of the product with a soft element, save it as .obj format (I use 3ds Max) and download the program fabrics simulation (i use CLO 3d).

The three-dimensional model of the sofaThe three-dimensional model of the sofa

Each part of the sofa is modeled separately and try on a mannequin (our 3d model). Striped fabric I chose for better visibility.

Cutting fabric for the back of the sofaModeling upholstery sofa cushions Modeling upholstery sofa cushions Modeling upholstery sofa cushions Modeling upholstery sofa cushions Modeling upholstery sofa cushions Modeling cutting sofa cushions

In the case of more complex configuration details, I do a scan of polygons on a plane and get a detailed contour curves.

Scan the fabric parts of the armrestScan the fabric parts of the armrest

Upon completion of the program allows us to expand the items on the canvas the required width, produces patterns drawings, the amount of material.

Modeling cutting sofa cushionsModeling cutting sofa cushions

In his summary, I have intentionally omitted many of the technical details, because placement of the project on the web page does not appear real and nuances are of interest only to the specialist.

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