3d modeling, design, design, furniture on the computer. Drawings of furniture for real production

Design and modeling of soft and cabinet furniture on the computer.

Design of soft and cabinet furniture require different qualifications. For the design of cabinet furniture enough knowledge of one of the two programs, such as the basis-furniture maker or BCAD.

These programs allow you to create a three-dimensional model of almost any complexity of cabinet furniture and get all the necessary drawings for production taking into account the placement and number of edges, fasteners, components, materials.

Designing upholstered furniture is a more complex process and I would divide it into four main parts:

  1. Model of furniture is designed in the head
  2. Framing and foam design.
  3. Design of patterns for fabric.
  4. Visualization or picture on which it is possible to sell furniture on the Internet (it is possible in different fabrics)

The first paragraph is the most important, since in implementing paragraph (2) we must take into account paragraph 3, i.e. Consider when designing the frame where, how, and in what order the furniture will be built, how the details will be fastened, etc. Nuances.

In principle, the design of upholstered furniture on a part of a skeleton and a foam is executed in any programs for three-dimensional drawing (Solidworks, Autocad, Inventor, Compass). But in my opinion, it is more convenient to use specialized programs for furniture design such as basis furniture maker or BCad. These programs automatically issue drawings, specifications, material and component consumption, curves of curved parts with the model. At the exit we get something like this.

Design of the sofa frame

This is a 3d model of the sofa frame, made on the scale of 1:1, which allows you to remove from it drawings of all parts, to make assembly drawing of the product and specification on all details with indication of material, sizes and other parameters if necessary.

Design of furniture fabric for sofa

For the design of fabric patterns, it is necessary to make a three-dimensional model, exactly repeating the shape of the product with a soft element, to save it in. obj format (I use 3DS Max) and load into the Tissue modeling program (I use CLO 3d) .

Each detail of the sofa is modeled separately and on the dummy (our 3d model). Striped fabric I chose for better visibility.

In the case of a more complex part configuration, I do the polygon sweep on the plane and get the exact contour of the curves.

At the end of the program allows you to decompose the received parts on the canvas of the required width, gives drawings of patterns, the amount of material.

In my summary I deliberately omitted many technical details, because the placement of the project on the Web page does not seem real, and the nuances of work are of interest only to the specialist.