3d modeling, designрован, construction of furniture on the computer. Drawings of furniture for real production.

Designing of furniture to order

Designer, developer, technologist, production of furniture and Interior items-all facets of my profession.  My professional experience began in 1989 year.  The last 6 years I have been doing design furniture radio, that gives me an opportunity to perform a lot of very interesting orders for customers from different countries.  In the course of his career, I was faced with a situation where talented furniture makers don’t play nicely with the computer, a talented 3d executables are absolutely not familiar with the nuances of furniture production.  This is especially true for soft furniture because furniture computer design much simpler process (there are many specialized programs that simplify this activity to an intuitive level normal user computer).  Me done a decent amount of work.  I mastered the computer-aided design of upholstered furniture with delivery of the full volume of documentation that allows to produce real products with minimal cost of time, materials and financial resources.

Sample design Chairs


I can design any furniture, but I prefer a soft ‘a la Italia’, as it is more difficult and more interesting. The working process is necessary to use the most powerful arsenal of three-dimensional modeling and design required for each specific task. In my opinion the design of upholstered furniture more art cabinet – a craft. But this is a very rough generalization that ignores a lot of exceptions.

Use in mass production of furniture of modern technologies such as 3D modeling using CNC equipment allows serial products on an exclusive level, producing furniture, not conceding on the level of furniture, made to order.  Drawings and patterns electronically enable to quickly, accurately and intelligently resize, configuration, equipment and furniture required appearance at this time.  Modern technologies in the same way reduce the dependence of quality furniture from the skill of the workers, which in turn provides savings in wages and increases the competitiveness of the product.  But I as a designer first and foremost technology delight extension freedom of creativity.

Sample design Chairs


Prior to the introduction in manufacture of furniture 3D modeling, many things had to be done by eye, by actual trial and error, with double and Triple redundant materials and time and eventually obtaining inaccurate results.  Manufacture, use, storage of patterns and templates derived artisanal method entailed problems associated with wear and tear, deterioration, loss.  The number of such pieces at an intensive production simply rolls over, making any classification and systematization.  As a result, search and acquisition of product-specific template becomes a nervoznuju puzzle when it happens easier and better to do it all over again.

Engaged in manufacturing furniture for over a quarter century, I have experienced several relocations of internally and each of them added gray hair destroying at least half of the acquired overwork on my head. The entire plant documentation in electronic format solves this problem once and for all.

All accumulated for all time records and patterns of furniture factory – on the same flash drive with a password. All your business in your pocket. Life presents breathtaking surprises, but whatever side or turned to your fortune, your experience and all the accumulated base of documents, furniture, models, drawings, specifications, patterns, suppliers, customers – always with you, making it easy to replicate the business, restore it from scratch, be confident in the future. Show … variable fate!

Standard documentation for the project of upholstered furniture

In the documentation for upholstered furniture in electronic form, at the moment there are no state standards and standards. In my opinion the documents for the production of upholstered furniture must meet the following criteria:

  1. Drawings, illustrations, and specifications must be met professionally and at the same time be understandable “poorly qualified workers.
  2. Should be realistically on them real furniture, even small annoying bugs, the inevitable about designing upholstered furniture “out of my head”.
  3. Pieces curved parts must be performed on a scale of 1:1 for printing on a plotter or printer.
  4. Must be created illustrations for a clear understanding of the work of the Assembly of the product.
  5. It is advisable to provide scalability (for example Deuce, three, one), if it allows the model to furniture.
  6. Any additions on request.

An example of the design of the oval sofa

Incoming and outgoing data for the project of upholstered furniture.

In practice, the process of our interaction is as follows:

You send me on email, WatsApp, Viber or Skype photo, picture, image by hand furniture, which must be designed with an indication of dimensions and other sizes and disclosures of your choice. I formulate questions that need to find to complete the project, to determine the term of performance, price and contact you. I do not take an advance payment. The calculation takes place when you see the result.

Time, events, people leave an indelible imprint on the intricacies of our neurons on the one hand, on the other hand, the analysis of what is happening takes chips unnecessary, contrived, artificial layers and the limitations of reason.  Professional and life experience not being stuck on the little things to look at many things more abstract, generalized, however with a bird’s-eye view.  Linking together and understanding of their experience with the experience of predecessors, transfer received followers-of course not the only one, but it is a worthy goal.

Working the old fashioned way, we do not just mark time on site, but throws himself back into competitive competition.  Whether we like or not, but the cult of consumerism, lying at the heart of our modern civilization dictates its own rules for a comfortable existence in this world.  Grebushhij and swimmer against the tide sooner or later will exhaust and goes to the bottom.  There are two options.  You can relax and let the bears where bears and you can podgrebat’ in the right direction you opposing the common thread.  The first option certainly heroic and beautiful, but smacks of masochism bordering suicide.  The second convertible too turns in bezvol’nuju cloth.  I prefer the third option, provided a reasonable definition of purpose and direction.  It allows without compromising their own moral and ethical principles is not only not fall overboard historical development, but also without much tension forces overtake floating nearby.  My friends, don’t let yourself sink into the muddy waves of ignorance and conservatism, vygrebajte on clean water innovation and progress.  Throw you a paddle catch.

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